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A single Weather API request can return past, present and future data

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Our data provides full Sub-hourly, Hourly and Daily Data

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Retrieve real time conditions, weather alerts & details about significant events

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Our historical weather database includes over 100,000 weather stations

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Visual Crossing Weather API requests are RESTful calls that you can make easily from any client or server. The API allows you to incorporate weather data into your application, website or weather app in a matter of minutes. Simply follow our tutorials and sample code. And you can get started entirely for free. Our weather data API allows 1000 completely free records per day.

  • Easy integration with JavaScript, D3 & jQuery
  • HTTPS encryption for security and compliance
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS ) for secure cross-domain requests
  • Secure API Key for account protection & tracking
  • Designed for both client and server usage
  • Enable weather in your application in minutes

RESTful APIs are ideal for integration in any programming language such as Java, .NET, Python & Perl. Access the entire Visual Crossing Weather database including weather history data, weather forecasts, and real time conditions to make any application more powerful.

Results are available in standard, easy-to-consume data formats including JSON and CSV. Integrating the data into your own app or code project usually takes minutes.

  • Full access to historical weather, forecasts, and climate statistics
  • Data formats include JSON and CSV
  • Access global weather conditions from the past, present & future with a single call
  • Support for multiple locations and dates in a single request
  • Documentation and samples available

Use industry standard tools ranging from R and MATLAB to Excel and Power Query. Tutorials and how-to articles are available for these as well as other powerful analytics and business platforms. Whatever tools power your analysis, Visual Crossing’s Weather API integrates easily.

Power BI is an interactive business intelligence tool designed to be simple enough for end users to create their own analyses while being powerful enough for enterprise-wide use. Weather data fits naturally into this analysis framework, and Visual Crossing Weather makes the integration easy. Our query URLs can return CSV results that import directly into any Power BI report or dashboard.

High-end BI platforms represent the backbone of data analysis within many large and mid-sized companies. These powerful tools can crunch decades of business and external data to find patterns and make recommendations. Visual Crossing Weather can be easily embedded directly into any BI application.

Google Sheets has become a universally accessible data analysis application due to the global reach of its web-based platform. That web platform powers instant data sharing in schools, companies, and around the world. Visual Crossing Weather data can be integrated easily into any Google Sheet application using a single API call.

  • Directly load historical and forecast weather data into any Sheet
  • Update live weather results directly in Google Sheets
  • Share weather data analysis instantly around your team or around the world
  • Ideal for academic and education users

An enterprise data warehouse is the heart of data science and business analytics for nearly every large and mid-sized corporation. The power to store vast amounts of business data enables analysts across an organization to work together to make intelligent business decisions. Visual Crossing Weather allows historical weather data to be matched directly to existing business records illuminating new insights. Weather forecast data can then be loaded and used for planning, scheduling and more.

Many business activities are affected by weather. Adding Visual Crossing Weather Data to an enterprise data warehouse brings new insight and more ROI from your existing investment.

  • Easily load weather data using ETL and embedded queries
  • Compatible with any database or data lake
  • Dynamic queries load fresh weather data automatically
  • Power analysts and planners across your entire the enterprise
  • Find new insight from your existing investment

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