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  • 1000 free results per day
  • Easy credit card billing
  • 15-day forecast
  • 40+ year hourly history

Monthly Plans

From $35/month


  • Access to big data
  • Ideal for business and data science
  • Enterprise plans include custom billing, invoicing, SLA, & more


Additional Offerings


  • Bulk data
  • Degree days
  • Certified weather
  • One-time downloads

Monthly plans

  Professional Corporate Enterprise
Price $35/mo ($350/year) $150/mo ($1500/year) Contact us
Core features
15-day Weather forecast
50+ years of history
Events (hail, tornadoes, earthquakes and more)
Sub-hourly Weather history
Weather Data download
Excel Integration
Weather API
Results/month 10,000,000 Unlimited
Fair use limits apply
Results/query 10000 25000 Custom
Locations/query 10 1000 Custom
Concurrent requests 2 10 Custom
Business features
History summary reporting
Long-term weather outlook
Business hour filtering
Users logins 1 10 Unlimited
OData connector
Degree day calculations
Licensing & Support
Database storage for shared internal use
Support Forums
Support Portal
Email Support
Annual invoicing available
Enhanced support & SLA options
No attribution required
Commercial use * *

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Note and comments for monthly plans

Excel Integration

Visual Crossing Weather offers an Excel Integration that allows user to create weather queries and join weather data with their existing spreadsheet data all within the familiar Excel interface. In addition, the Weather API allows users to create a query that returns CSV data. This data can be directly imported into Excel and refreshed automatically as new weather data becomes available.

Result limits

Results/day - Free plans include a limit on the number of Queries Results that can be retrieved in any 24 hour period. Note that A single 15-day forecast query counts as a single Query Result while each history record returned counts as a Query Result.

Results/query - The Results/query limit indicates the maximum number of records that may be returned by a single query. If you need more records than is indicated for your plan, you will need to break your query into multiple, smaller queries that fit below your record limit. You can typically break up a large query by breaking the time range into smaller chunks or by breaking up your list of locations.

Locations/query – The Locations/query limit indicates the maximum number of locations that you may request in a single query. If you need weather data for additional locations, you can break your query into multiple each requesting a subset of your location list. Alternately, an upgraded plan will make querying more convenient and efficient by allowing one query to retrieve data for many locations using a single request and returning a unified result dataset for all.

Fair usage

To maintain the quality and performance of the Visual Crossing Weather server and ensure an optimum level of service performance for all users, Visual Crossing has established a Fair Use Policy. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

History Summary Reports

History summaries are powerful weather queries where the weather engine calculates a single result that summarizes many historical data records. For example, this type of query could be used to calculate the climate change for a given location by aggregating individual weather observations across multiple decades. For more information, see our documentation.

Business Hours

This type of query filtering allows users to specify which specific hours of the day should be included in their result data. Hours outside the specified range are excluded from all results including summaries and aggregations. Weather conditions often vary significantly over the course of a 24-hour day while businesses and other activities are typically only active during a portion of those hours. For this reason, you can get more accurate weather correlations by including only the active hours in your weather results. As an example, if a retail business is only open from 9am to 9pm, an overnight freezing temperature is likely to have a minimal effect on the foot traffic for a given day as long as the business hours temperatures are conducive to outdoor activity. However, freezing temperatures during business hours are likely to have a much greater impact. For more information, see our documentation.

ODATA Connector

Visual Crossing provides licensed users access our Visual Crossing OData server. This is offered as a licensed service for users to publish Visual Crossing Weather Data for retrieval by OData capable systems.

Degree Days

Our degree day weather API provides calculation and climate normal data for growing degree days, heating degree days and cooling degree days.


Attribution for all Visual Crossing Weather Data usage is required at the Pay-as-you-go and Pro license level. These users agree that any application or service which incorporates data obtained from the Visual Crossing Weather Data Server must prominently display the message "Weather Data Provided by Visual Crossing" in a legible manner near the data or any information derived from Visual Crossing weather data. This message should include a clickable link to For more information, and examples of suitable attribution, please see How to I properly cite or attribute the weather data in my project?.


Commercial licensing provides for the use of Visual Crossing Weather Data by businesses for commercial purposes which includes the right to display data for public facing websites as well as internal corporate usage. Only the licensing for commercial usage at the Corporate licensing level includes the ability for enterprise data and retrieval systems to store and share raw weather data in relational databases, business systems or other applications. Please contact us at for clarification of licensing scenarios.