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Visual Crossing Weather is the easiest-to-use and lowest-cost source for historical and forecast weather data. Our Weather API is designed to integrate easily into any app or code, and our prices are lower than any other provider in the industry.

Our data is used daily by a diverse customer-base including business analysts, data scientists, insurance professionals, energy producers, construction planners, and academics.

We have the Weather Data and expertise needed to serve any individual or organization from an independent event planner to a global enterprise.

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About Visual Crossing

About Visual Crossing

Visual Crossing is a leading provider of weather data and enterprise analysis tools to data scientists, business analysts, professionals, and academics. Founded in 2003, our mission has always been to empower data consumers and analysts to make better decisions based on high-quality, easy-to-access data. For nearly 20 years Visual Crossing has been providing enterprise-class solutions to some of the largest businesses in the world.

Our weather data API leads the industry by providing the lowest-cost access to all types of weather data for apps, code, and web pages worldwide. Whether you need historical weather data, weather forecasts, climate summaries, historical weather forecasts, or specialty weather measures such as solar radiation, degree days, and weather alerts, Visual Crossing provides the data that you need for any weather project.