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About us

Founded in 2003, by data science specialists focused on business intelligence, Visual Crossing Corporation has become the technology leader in mapping and weather technologies. Specializing in data and visualization solutions including integrations and partnerships with SAP, MicroStrategy, and Microsoft Office. With expertise in both weather data analysis and mapping systems, Visual Crossing is uniquely positioned to bring together the best of both disciplines.

Our Weather Data is the most affordable and consumable weather data available. Through intuitive interfaces users of all backgrounds can easily download our data in formats that are easily analyzed or imported into various other systems including Excel. Our high quality, government sourced data which is cleansed and interpolated to provide our customers with the most accurate weather data for any location. Our weather solutions include a worldwide 15-day forecast, access to historical data since 1900 and a future-looking, long-term forecast engine that works on historical averages.

Visual Crossing's geospatial mapping specialization in the form sophisticated yet easy-to-use business mapping solutions has won awards and a marquee collection of international customers. With mapping implementations that literarily span the globe, Visual Crossing technology has become the first-choice solution for enterprise-scale data and mapping

For more information, to see a custom demonstration, or to learn about partnership opportunities, please email us at info@visualcrossing.com .

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11654 Plaza America Drive, Suite 285
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Phone: +1 888 797-1647
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European Headquarters:
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