Join and Correlate your data against decades of weather metrics

Historical Analysis

Join and correlate your data against decades of weather history

Create predictive scoring metrics to forecast business impact from weather events

Live Forecast

Use forecast data to predict and manage the impact of future weather events

Dashboard-ready visualizations to analyze weather-correlated data and graphs

Integrated Excel Add-in

Join weather history and update forecast data with a few clicks directly inside Excel

Enhance any dataset and dashboard with weather history and forecast

Weather Join Engine

Automatically use data from the most reliable and optimal weather stations for your exact locations and times

Business Impacts

Understand how weather affects your business and optimize profitable responses

Hobby Planning

Use weather data to find correlations and plan activities


Learn about weather and climate patterns in your city and around the world


Calculate the best weather conditions for playing, or spectating

Severe Weather Alerts

Identify storm threats that will impact your business locations

Property Risk

Use forecasts to predict and prepare for property risks to avert disaster

Add historical and forecast weather data to your Microsoft Excel workbook in minutes

Find trends and patterns by correlating weather with your existing Excel data. Visual Crossing Weather for Excel draws from a database of 100,000+ weather stations around the world containing millions of sample points to find the most appropriate and reliable stations nearest to each location in your data. This weather information is then inserted directly into your Excel worksheet for analysis. Find patterns using historical data and make custom presentations for school, work, or play.

Weather forecast data allows you to plan for upcoming weather changes and mitigate the risk of severe weather events. Armed with this knowledge directly in your worksheet analysis you can reschedule events, plan outdoor activities, and optimize business opportunities. At any point, a simple refresh will bring you the latest forecasts for every location you are analyzing.

Both weather history and weather forecast data is brought into Excel conveniently and instantly via a simple custom add-in. With only a few clicks, you will be analyzing weather information like a professional.

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Key benefits

Historical Analysis

Correlate your existing Excel sheets with historical weather records to uncover localized patterns and long-term trends.

Custom Analysis and Dashboards

Processes millions of variables and decades of data to build custom weather dashboards and analysis for each location of interest.

Live Forecast Analysis

Use local forecast data to predict weather impact and mange risk for any activity, business or pleasure.

High-Performance Weather Join Engine

Quickly join years of Excel data to decades of historical weather conditions to find hour-by-hour patterns and correlations that are actionable for your planning.

Integrated Excel Add-in

Simply install the Visual Crossing Weather add-in and including weather data to any Excel workbook becomes as simple as adding a graph.

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