Weather History for any location

Look up past weather records for any date or location

Weather History Dashboard

Chose a time and place, and analyze the weather history and climate patterns

What's My Climate Change?

Analyze changes in temperature, precipitation, and more over years and decades

Weather Event Planner

Plan your vacation, wedding, or meeting using 100 years of past weather data

Weather Download & API

Detailed, high-quality weather data for download or Weather API request. 

Look up weather history using dashboards, data export & weather API

Access decades of past weather by city, address, or ZIP code to discover historical patterns for business, education, sports, or hobbies.   Analyze historical weather reports directly on our site or download into Excel, Google Sheets, or any business application.

Global weather reports for any hour or date at any location include historical temperature, rainfall history, and wind gusts.   You can use these to identify historical climate patterns related to precipitation, temperature change, and humidity and how they affect your community, region, country, and even your own backyard.

Look up global historical weather data

Weather History Data

Look up past weather reports for any date and location

Global forecasts from sources including NOAA, NWS, DWD, and more

Weather Forecast Data

Global forecasts data from sources including NOAA, NWS, DWD, and more

Temperature, rainfall, and more

Temperature & Rainfall History

Weather metrics also include wind, rainfall coverage, and visibility

North American and European Weather Forecast for the upcoming week

Excel, CSV, & Weather API

Microsoft Excel add-in, CSV download, and Weather API

Past Weather Data for Excel, CSV & Web Services API

Getting clean, consistent, and accurate historical weather data has long been difficult for home and small business data analysts. Until now, the only options have been slow and frustrating (one-at-a-time web pages and screen scraping) or expensive (thousands of dollars per year or even per month).

Visual Crossing Weather was designed to get you the past weather records and forecast data that you need inside every application.

  • Add-in for Microsoft Excel joins existing workbook data with matching weather
  • CSV export allows import into virtually any analysis tool
  • Weather Data API for script writers and developers

Find the weather for any hour or date at any location

Available weather metrics include:

  • Temperature – Including maximum, minimum, and average
  • Precipitation – Including Precipitation Coverage
  • Wind Speed – Including averages and gust data
  • Weather type – what was the weather like?

Getting started with Weather Data

Historical Weather Data for Everyone

Historical Weather Data for Everyone

Visual Crossing’s Historical Weather Dashboard is a giant leap for anyone needing past weather data, allowing anyone access to a deep history of weather records around them. The data is presented in dashboard form to give you the most optimal weather data consumption available in the business world today.

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Announcing the Weather Data Academic & Research Program

Announcing the Weather Data Academic & Research Program

Timely, accurate and complete weather data is vital across many disciplines - business analysis, emergency planning, personal investigation and many more. None may be more important than using weather data in academic research and investigations.

To help students, academics and non-profit researchers, we are pleased to announce our Weather Data Academic & Research Program designed exactly for researchers.

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Where can I find historical rainfall data?

Where can I find historical rainfall data?

Historical rainfall data is easy to obtain from various sources, but the best options differ depending upon your needs. Below, we’ll help sort through the options to find the easiest and best way to obtain historical rainfall data for your project.

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How we process the NOAA Integrated Surface Database Historical Weather Data

How we process the NOAA Integrated Surface Database Historical Weather Data

We use a lot of sources for our weather data. One of the richest sources of historical weather data is the Integrated Surface Database (ISD) from NOAA. The amount of data available is impressive. Hourly or subhourly weather records for 1000s of weather stations that are, in some cases, over 100 years old. However obtaining and manupulating the data so that it fits your needs can be a daunting task. In this article we describe some of the lessons we've learned along the way and some of the processes that we use to make the data as useful as possible.

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