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Historical Weather Dashboard

Free Weather History Data

The Historical Weather Data Dashboard helps you to get weather data quickly.  You can view beautiful charts that show the past weather records for any city and date. The dashboard will show you the historical weather data by zip code or by address. These conditions include temperature data, rainfall history, wind speed, and humidity. You can also compare the actual weather on any date to the normal weather in past years.

If you need to look up historical weather data by date for any location worldwide, check out the free Historical Weather Dashboard.

Weather History Data

Typical weather for any location on earth using Weather History Data

Find the average weather for any date for any location

Planning a vacation, trip, party or other event? Need to know what the weather is normally like for any date and location? Checking the weather forecast is easy if your event is next Tuesday. But what if you are planning a beautiful beach wedding for the fall?

Our free, Average Weather Tool finds the range of typical weather conditions that you can expect for any address and at any date. The tool summarizes the weather that you will typically experience based on past weather observations. It also shows the worst and best weather conditions that the location has experienced. This gives you the foresight to be prepared for any temperature and precipitation that you may encounter.

Average Weather

What’s My Climate Change?

What’s My Climate Change?

Is climate change affecting the weather in the city where you live? Is a hot summer part of a trend or simply part off the normal weather changes? Is your hometown weather significantly different than when you grew up? The Climate Change Dashboard scans decades of historical weather reports. It then uses those to determine how the weather is changing at any location.

If you are curious to better understand how climate change is affecting you, try our free Climate Change Dashboard now. It is the best source of overview climate data online.

Find Your Climate Change

Easy-to-use 15-day weather forecast

Easy-to-use 15-day weather forecast

Need a simple, clear 15-day weather forecast with current conditions and a seven-day weather history?

Easy Weather Forecast  provides your weather forecast without ads. Easy weather forecast is the fastest way to view the weather hourly and daily weather forecast for any global location. No app to install or adverts to scroll through.

Global historical weather data & 15-day weather forecast data

Visual Crossing Weather combines the best of historical and forecast weather. This allows us to quickly and easily give you the data that you need.

Our 15-day forecast is created using detailed forecast models from leading weather services such as NOAA and the DWD. This ensures global coverage in whichever cities or addresses you choose. All of our weather forecasts offer hourly detail and daily summaries. And every forecast is available for a full 15-days.

We process millions of hourly weather observations from thousands of observation stations to create our global weather observation database. Every hourly and sub-hourly record is analyzed for errors and missing information. This data enables you to view historical weather reports hour by hour. Whether you need historical weather by ZIP Code or climate data by address, our vast historical weather data archive has what you seek. We combine hundreds of local weather station records to produce a single, useful weather report.

We are also the easiest weather data to use. Access is available through our online tools, data science integrations, and Weather API. Step-by-step videos and code samples are available for many tools and languages. These include Excel, Google Sheets, Power BI, SAP, MicroStrategy, Java, Python, and R.

Are you are looking for the tomorrow's weather? The previous day's weather observations? Or the weather in your daughter’s birth year to make a temperature blanket? We have the weather data you need!

Why Visual Crossing Weather Data? See how we compare to our competitors.

Easily integrate weather data into your data science application

Visual Crossing Weather makes it easy to integrate real-time weather conditions, weather forecast data and historical weather data into your applications. We optimize our data so that it can be easily consumed by data science, and analytics applications. These include spreadsheets, databases, business intelligence (BI) tools and other data science tools.

Read more on how to include weather data into: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Google Sheets, Tableau, MySQL, R Studio, Qlik.

Recent news about Visual Crossing Weather Data

Announcing Expanded Historical Weather Data

Expanded Weather Data Archive Database

We have added more than 7000 weather stations to our historical weather database. These additional weather stations provide more localized historical weather observations that are updated more frequently. The new stations further improve our historical rainfall data and historical temperature data for many locations.

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Announcing our free Weather Data Plan

New Free Weather API

We are excited to announce the introduction of a free plan for our Weather API. Our free weather API offers both 15-day weather forecast and historical weather data. Start looking up historical precipitation data and weather temperature history today.

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How do I add the weather forecast to my web page?

How do I add the weather forecast to my web page?

In this article we will describe how to add a weather forecast display to a web page. We will use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build a simple weather forecast widget using our Weather API.

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How do I find the best long range Weather Forecast?

How do I find the best long range Weather Forecast?

Many times we find ourselves needing a weather forecast beyond the next couple of days. Maybe you are planning an outdoor party, trip or hoping for a snow day! What is the best way to determine the likely weather for a date further out than the reliable weather forecast?

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