Invoice and billing questions

What is a record?

Weather records are the unique result rows of data in any weather data request. Forecast queries are consider a single record. Please see our full article on result records for full details.

Can I pay by wire or check?

We offer payment by wire for annual corporate and enterprise plans. If you would like to pay by wire or check for an annual corporate or enterprise plan, please sign up for a free account. After signing up, please contact us at and we will convert your plan. Include the plan level you would like to sign up for and any billing details you would like included on the invoice and receipt.

Can I add a separate billing email to my account?

Yes. Please contact us at and include your existing account email and the billing email.

Can I add my company account details such as company name, address and tax information?

Yes. Please contact us at and include your existing account email and the account information you wish to add.

I have received a message “Your account is disabled because of excessive error or overage queries. Please contact”

If you significantly exceed your usage limits or submit many error queries, our servers will automatically disable your account to prevent abuse. To have your free metered account enabled immediately please add a credit card to you account. Alternatively, please contact us at and include your existing account email to re-enable your account. Please note that accounts that exceed limits on a regular basis may be permanently disabled.

When will I be billed for my metered usage?

You will be billed once a month (or annually for annual plans). The billing date will match the day of the month when you signed up for the plan. If you are on a metered plan, you may be billed when you usage level reaches a billing threshold. Initially this threshold will be approximately $10.00USD but it will increase after successful payments.

Can I get a copy of my invoice or receipt?

Our payment processor, Stripe, sends a receipt email after every successful payment. This email includes a link to download the PDF copy of the receipt and invoice. if you would like a copy of this email, please contact us at

Can I add a limit to my metered account to prevent accidental overage?

We do not currently offer a way to add a maximum threshold to a metered plan. If you require a fixed cost billing plan, please consider one of our monthly or annual plans.