HTTP Error Codes

The following HTTP response codes can be returned :

200- OK– request was successful.

400 – BAD_REQUEST – if you requests is invalid in some way (invalid dates, bad location parameter etc).

401 – UNAUTHORIZED – when the API key is incorrect or your account status is inactive or disabled. In this case, check your API key or check the status of your account on the account page of the web site.

429 – TOO_MANY_REQUESTS – if you submit queries the exceed your plan concurrency limits or daily or monthly cost limits. If you exceed your concurrency limit you can resubmit your request. However please note that excessive use of 429 catch and retry logic to circumvent concurrency limits is prohibited. See What is the cause of “Maximum concurrent jobs has been exceeded”, HTTP response 429 for more information.

500 – INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR – if our servers encounter an unexpected error. These are rare and our internal operations team will be notified. For more information, please log a tech support ticket including full details of the request and error response.