How to change your Visual Crossing Weather API key

The Visual Crossing Weather API is a RESTful API that provides historical and forecast weather data. API queries are secured by the use of an API key which uniquely identifies the account. This account is associated with billing information, plans and feature level permissions.

You should change your key if you suspect that your API may have been compromised. This article describes how to change your weather API key.

Please note that changing your API key takes place immediately. Any subsequent queries using the previous API key will fail.

Steps to change your API key

Step one – navigate to your account information

You can access your account information at To open this page you must enter your user email and password.

Step two – click to change the API key

Click ‘Change key’ below the current API key.

Step three- confirm that you want to change the key

You must confirm that you want to change the API key. The change to the key will be immediate.

Step four – replace the current key with the new key

Replace all existing API key usage with the updated key value.

Questions or need help?

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