Weather API Changelog

This article describes the major features added, and any change made, to the Timeline Weather API. None of the changes in this article break backwards compatibility. For full details of the Timeline Weather API, please see the API documentation.

2024 – Q1

2023 – Q4

2023 – Q2

2023 – Q1

2022 – Q4

  • Expanded weather forecast model support including GDPS, ICON D2, HRRR sub hourly.

2022 – Q3

  • Expanded bulk query download and schedule to improve performance and support new energy, agricultural and historical forecast queries.

2022 – Q2

2022 – Q1

  • Release of expanded solar energy elements including historical data from 2020 onwards. Elements include direct normal, diffuse normal, global horizontal and global tilt radiation
  • Release of higher elevation wind elements at 50, 80 and 100 meters height.
  • Increased weather forecast model resolution to 2km

2021 – Q4

  • Support for historical forecast – request weather forecasts that were created in the past.
  • Degree Days in the Timeline Weather API – include growing degree days, heating degree days and cooling degree days in the API response.

2021 – Q3

2021 – Q2

  • Expanded weather description elements
  • New icon keys and expanded sample icons

2021 – Q1

  • Expansion to supported weather alerts
  • Added and expanded weather elements including precipitation type and feels like.

2020 – Q4

2020 – Q3

2020 – Q2