Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 3

How to make intelligent decisions using BI and weather forecasts

Now, armed with the insights that we found in part two, we are ready to apply those insights using weather forecasts. As we did when analyzing our historical business records using weather history, we will use the high-quality weather data service that we identified in part one of this article series. Then, we will join this data with our business locations. Only this time, instead of finding existing patterns we will apply the patterns discovered to make more intelligent decisions.

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 2

How to analyze business data using historical weather records

In this article we will continue where part one stopped. Once high-quality, BI-friendly weather data has been found, we next need to understand how it can be used to analysis historical business data, Most business intelligence systems have a warehouse containing years of business records including locations and dates. This article will show how to match those records to weather data and identify useful patterns and trends.

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 1

How to find weather data that works well with business intelligence analysis

In this series of three articles we will first discuss how to find weather data that is compatible with both your existing business data and your existing business intelligence systems. Then, in part two we will discuss strategies to analyze historical weather data in conjunction with your BI tools and with your data. Finally, part three will discuss how to apply the insights learned from the historical analysis to make more intelligent decisions using business patterns and weather forecast data.

Easy Weather Forecasts for Shipping & Delivery

One of the best utilizations of weather data in business is for ensuring that your shipment of sensitive materials will not be damaged due to heat or cold exposure. Everything from candy, wine, beer, plants, photographs and pharmaceuticals can all have their quality dramatically impacted from the weather. You will get an immediate return on …

Five Easy Weather API calls to Get The Weather Data You Need

The Visual Crossing Weather API is a rich, restful API that you can use to get historical weather data, weather forecast data and even climate data sets into your database, analysis tool or coding project. The API has a rich set of parameters that may be overwhelming at first. In this blog, i describe the …

What industries rely on Visual Crossing Weather data?

Weather data is essential to the management and planning of many different industries.  Although the use cases vary, the basic requirements for a successful, valuable weather deployment are constant. The first ingredient is business data.  Every business records data such as sales, customers, operation tempo, inventory levels, job site status, and energy consumption.  The more …

How to find and use sub-hourly historical weather data

While many weather data projects are well served with hourly historical weather records, some have the need for historical weather reports as close as possible down to an exact minute. If your project needs this extra level of finely-detailed data, you already know that it can be difficult and expensive to obtain. Luckily, Visual Crossing …