Find trends & patterns by correlating weather with your existing Excel data

Historical Weather

Load historical weather data at the daily and hourly level for any time in the last 20 years.

Worldwide weather coverage from 100,000+ reporting

Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide weather coverage from 100,000+ reporting stations

Join weather history data directly inside Excel

Excel Add-in

Join weather history and update forecast data with a few clicks directly inside Excel

Analyze data in Excel or export it into other applications

Flexible Analysis

Analyze data in Excel or export it into other applications

Historical weather data now available on your desktop

Getting clean, consistent, and accurate historical weather data has long been difficult for home and small business data analysts. Scouring the web for solutions has led you to either expensive commercial data providers or do-it-yourself coding options that "screen scrape" data from consumer weather websites. The first option is a non-starter for many due to the high cost. After all, if you had the data budget of a Fortune 500 company, you wouldn’t be Googling for cheap solution. The second option not only involves learning coding and scripting, it invariably breaks every time the target website changes their page format. Even when it works, how many records will they let you scrape before they ban your IP address? All prior paths ended in the same place, frustration.

At Visual Crossing we went down these same paths and decided that there had to be a better way. So we made one. Visual Crossing Weather for Microsoft Excel allows you to load historical weather data from around the world in a matter of seconds. Now you don’t need to waste time on fruitless Google searches or trying to cobble together scripts that you found online. Visual Crossing Weather will get you the data that you need right away so that you spend your time on your real project.

Our weather data is available for every tool that you use

You can use Excel for your full analysis or export the data for use anywhere and anytime. Also, our solution is not brittle like screen scraping. You can reliably add more weather data to your analysis tomorrow, next week, and next year without worrying that some script embedded in your worksheet suddenly breaks.

Finally, the universal solution for weather history data is available. Try it today for free and use it all your data analyses for only a few dollars per month.

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