Announcing our free Weather API Plan

We are excited to announce the introduction of a free plan for our Weather API. We are the only weather API provider to offers both 15-day weather forecast and historical weather data in our free tier.

Key Weather API Features

The free tier of the Weather API includes the core features of all our plans. These features include access to the Weather API, to be able to view and download weather data in the browser and also to easily integrate weather data into Microsoft ExcelGoogle Sheets, and other business and data analysis applications.

The Weather Data included with the free plan includes access to worldwide 15-day weather forecast and hourly historical data observations. These historical weather data records include temperature, rainfall, snowfall, wind and many other meteorological measurements. The historical weather data observations also form the basis for our Weather History Summary reports. These historical summary reports provide climate statistics for any location.

Getting started is free and easy

You can simply sign up for a free trial for the weather api at Weather Data Services. The weather data services page provides the ability to view weather datasets directly in the browser, download the weather data. In addition, the page will build the Weather API queries for you directly in the browser making it easy to get started with the API. For help on getting started with the Weather Data Services page, see Getting Started With Weather Data Service.

If you would like more details on the pricing plans of Visual Crossing Weather Data and Weather API, see our pricing and editions page .