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What is the Typical Weather for Universal Studios?

As the world of travel begins to open up again, the planning for the summer vacations will also rise sharply. Where better to go than Universal Studios in either Florida or California? One of the utmost concerns when travel planning is understanding the climate and specific weather forecast so that we can properly prepare clothing, …

How to use weather data in landscaping and lawn care businesses

Landscaping and lawn care businesses have a great opportunity to use quality weather data in an automated way to improve their efficiency, drive customer satisfaction, and increase profits. Common wisdom suggests that only larger organizations can afford to access automated weather data services, and smaller businesses are stuck watching the nightly TV weather person to …

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 3

How to make intelligent decisions using BI and weather forecasts

Now, armed with the insights that we found in part two, we are ready to apply those insights using weather forecasts. As we did when analyzing our historical business records using weather history, we will use the high-quality weather data service that we identified in part one of this article series. Then, we will join this data with our business locations. Only this time, instead of finding existing patterns we will apply the patterns discovered to make more intelligent decisions.

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 2

How to analyze business data using historical weather records

In this article we will continue where part one stopped. Once high-quality, BI-friendly weather data has been found, we next need to understand how it can be used to analysis historical business data, Most business intelligence systems have a warehouse containing years of business records including locations and dates. This article will show how to match those records to weather data and identify useful patterns and trends.

How can I download weather forecast data as a CSV file?

In this article, we will show you how to easily download forecast weather data as a standard CSV file that can be imported into thousands of data analysis and storage applications such as business intelligence systems, visualization tools, statistical analysis packages, and databases. If you would like to download weather history data as a CSV, …

I think that I’m seeing bad weather data. What should I do?

Sometimes you come across a weather record that just doesn’t seem right. Perhaps the precipitation is too high based on what you know about the location or perhaps the temperature is too low and you know because you live there. Other times you may find missing records in the data and wonder the cause. There …