How do I get free weather API access?

While weather APIs are very useful for many applications, most of them are not available for free access. Various weather sites provide free access to weather forecasts and some to historical weather reports as well via their webpage, but very few allow access to their API for free. The Visual Crossing Weather API is different because it allows all users free access to its weather API. If you need more usage than the standard free allotment, there are various ways to earn more. Also, if you have an interesting opensource or academic project, Visual Crossing Weather may sponsor your project with free API access. This article will show you how to get the maximum amount of free API access possible.

Free weather API access for everyone

Everyone who signs up for an account with Visual Crossing Weather gets a generous 1000 free records each day to use on our web query page or in the weather API. Every day you get a new allotment of 1000 records to use, so you can easily get tens of thousands of records via the weather API each month. This is completely free, and it will never cost you even a penny. Simply sign up and enjoy free weather API access.

Earning additional free weather API access

You can also earn additional free credits to use on the Visual Crossing Weather API by doing simple tasks. These credits range from 1000 for liking Visual Crossing Weather on social media to 10,000 or more by posting an article about the weather API or a how-to that can help other people. If you have a great idea how you can help more people find and benefit from the Visual Crossing Weather API, just let us know. We’ll be happy to reward you with free weather API access.

To access the additional free credits options, first log into your Visual Crossing Weather account. Then click on the link in the upper right that says “Earn free data credits.” This will give you a menu of current earning options. With just a little effort, you could get a lot of additional weather API access completely free.

Become a Weather Ambassador

If you love weather data and the weather API as much as we do, and if you have a great, public project the uses it, Visual Crossing Weather would love to sponsor your project with free weather data. Our Weather Ambassador program allows you to get as much free weather API access as your project requires. In order to qualify, your project must be publicly available for free and ideally opensource. Commercial projects are not suitable for the Weather Ambassador program. Simply send us an email describing your project and your weather API needs. We’ll be glad to work with you to help you get the weather data that you need whether it be free via the Weather Ambassador program of extremely low cost such as our Pay-as-you-go offering.


Visual Crossing Weather offers free access to a powerful weather API in various way. Everyone who signs up gets 1000 free results every day. Beyond that you can earn additional credits or even get your project sponsored for free data. If and when you decide to pay for the service. the prices start at $0.0001 per result. That means you can get thousands of additional results beyond your daily free allotment for only pennies.

Of course, if you have any questions about the Visual Crossing Weather API or how to use our weather data, feel free to reach out to our weather experts. We’ll be happy to help you get the data that you need.