Visual Crossing Weather Packaged Options

Do you need weather data for a specific use case? Don’t want the hassle of setting up an account or buying an ongoing service plan? Maybe you just need your data along with a single, succinct receipt to submit to a 3rd-party for payment. Or maybe you need weather data for a one-off project such as to train an AI, populate a data warehouse, or crochet a temperature blanket. Perhaps you need cross-checked data for legal proceedings.

Whatever your weather data needs, Visual Crossing Weather has the data that you need. We’ve assembled some of the most common weather data use cases below. However, they represent just a small subset of the weather data options that we can provide, and we would be happy to work with you to meet any custom weather data need that you may have. Just email with your use case, and we’ll be in touch right away.

Periodic Bulk Weather Data

Standard Bulk Datasets

If one of our standard bulk datasets fits your needs, then this option is one of the cheapest ways to periodically get a large quantity of weather data. These datasets cover a fixed set of locations and are updated on a pre-determined schedule (typically daily). As a subscriber, you can download the dataset as frequently as you want. Below are some examples of the standard bulk datasets available. Contact us to get the latest constantly-expanding list.

  • 15-day forecast for all US ZIP Codes updated daily
  • Most recent 7-day daily history for all US ZIP Codes
  • 30-day “statistical forecast” for all US ZIP Codes

Pricing: $15 per month per dataset

Custom Bulk Datasets

Custom bulk datasets provide all the benefits of standard bulk datasets but with the added ability for you to define your own custom queries and locations. Would you like to be able to download a fresh 15-day forecast for every one of your store locations every morning? Maybe you need instant access to the last 7 days of weather history for your job sites to compare against progress reports. The price is affordable, the access is easy, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Choose your own query and locations
  • Choose your execution schedule (daily is standard)
  • Query can include history forecast, or even a combination
  • Easily download your custom dataset anytime to get the latest data

Pricing: $35 per month per dataset (up to 50,000 records and daily execution)

One-time Weather History Data

Standard History Database

If you are looking for a one-time historical weather dataset download but don’t want to sign up for a weather data service plan, this is the option that you need.

  • Full historical weather details for any location worldwide
  • Approximately 50 years of weather history for most locations
  • Choose from data reported at the hourly or daily level
  • Delivery formats in CSV, Excel, or JSON

Pricing: $5 per location

Sub-hourly Database

If you need more detailed data, you can choose sub-hourly weather records.

  • Same service and formats as the Standard History Database option above except data is returned in sub-hourly detail
  • Choose time a interval of 15 minutes, 5 minutes, or raw station reports
  • The availability of sub-hourly data varies by location and date. For historical years when sub-hourly data is not available, hourly data will be provided.
  • If you have availability questions, please ask before purchasing.

Pricing: $20 per location

One-time Weather Forecast Data

If you are planning activity dates, events, or logistics, weather forecasts can help your plans avoid undesirable conditions and optimize the use of ideal ones.

  • Weather forecast for up to 15 days (dependent on location) for any location worldwide
  • Hour-by-hour forecasts available for most locations
  • Choose your desired output format of CSV, Excel, or JSON

Pricing: $0.50 per location (100 locations minimum)
(Note: For fewer locations or ongoing forecast use, please consider our Pay-as-you-go plan or monthly plans for on-going usage.)

Cross-checked Presentation Weather History Report

When you need weather data that has been manually cross-checked, verified, and prepared in an official format, this is your best option.

  • Detailed data covering the weather conditions at a specific time and place
  • The time period can be from one hour to one week depending upon the need
  • Weather data is manually reviewed by our trained technicians and compared against nearby locations and area norms to flag errors and correct them where possible
  • Data can be formatted into a PDF on Visual Crossing letterhead for an official reporting presentation
  • Raw data is available in CSV or Excel format for additional formatting or presentation

Pricing: $500 per location and time period (up to one week)
(Additional locations and times are $100 each when ordered together)

Endless Possibilities

We know that you have other specific use cases, and you know that we have terabytes of global weather data. So, if you have a specific need not mentioned above, we’ll be happy to work with you to get the data that you need in the format that your project requires. There is no project too big or with requirements too complex. We specialize in weather data of all types for locations all around the world. Send your project details to, and our weather experts will reply right away.