Aftermath Of Sunday’s Buffalo, New York Great Lakes Snowstorm

Western New York State is the subject of a unique weather statement from the National Weather Service. Due to a band of heavy snow and strong winds, there is a “burst of snow” in the area. By Sunday night, Buffalo is under a winter climate advisory for “blowing snow.” Buffalo is accustomed to receiving a lot of snow, but this squall is dumping “much more than we usually get,” Mayor Byron Brown told CNN on Saturday.

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In Erie County, New York, on Saturday, there was the most snowfall in 24 hours ever recorded. According to an official, the relatively quick recovery is evidence of everyone’s forethought and preparation. Mark Poloncarz shared on Twitter, “This was a RECORD-BREAKING storm.” In November 2014, a storm known as “Snowvember” dumped nearly 7 feet of snow in the Buffalo area over three days.

During that storm, dozens of roofs collapsed due to the weight of the snow, and at least 13 people lost their lives. There could be another 6 to 18 inches of fall in the place. With wind gusts up to 45 mph across the Great Lakes region, it will feel like the temperature is in the single digits to just below zero. East of Lake Ontario, up to another foot of snow is predicted, with isolated areas possibly receiving even more.

Record Snowfall Makes Commute Risky

In just three days, Buffalo, New York, has accumulated 80 inches of snow. Due to a prolonged weather event that started over Thanksgiving weekend, travel has been difficult. Heavy snowfall has been observed nearby, according to the National Weather Service. The weather service warned on Saturday night that the latest band would quickly worsen travel conditions.

Governor Kathy Hochul of Erie County, New York, tweeted that “traffic is starting to move again.” In large parts of Erie County, there were travel restrictions. Almost 400 tickets have been provided to drivers who have been seen breaching local traffic laws. In Buffalo and Watertown, numerous roads could be reopened.

If you attempt to enter a region with a travel ban in effect, you will run into a friendly neighborhood New York State trooper who will issue you a ticket right away for doing so, according to Poloncarz. According to Governor Greg Hochul of New York, the Thruway is now unlocked for whole traffic. After getting stuck on the side of the road or getting into accidents, some vehicles needed to be towed. Snow is being removed from the highway’s shoulders by snowblowers.

Hochul conveyed at an orientation on Sunday morning, “Thank you for just following the directions, staying off the roads, and as a result, all the major thoroughfares are open now in western New York and the north country, with some limitations. Numerous flights across the US have been canceled as a result of the record snowfall, which has also hampered air travel. Buffalo Niagara International Airport flights have been impacted.

It positions as November’s second-biggest one-day snowfall total. The storm has already elevated this month’s November to third place among all Novembers.

Governor Touts Storm Preparedness

Upstate New York could receive an additional two feet of snow by seven o’clock tonight, or about four inches per hour. “One for the record books,” says Governor Charles Hochul of the storm. Oswego County in upstate New York is anticipating a snowfall that will set records. After attending to a car accident on the I-290, Snyder firefighters have just returned to the firehouse.

Electricity blackouts in the state have affected about 1,200 people. According to the governor, “no one has been in the dark for a long time,” and this is a manageable number. If the worst of the storm passes by Sunday, according to Buffalo’s mayor, the place will resume normal operations through Monday or Tuesday. Four Great Lakes states are under winter climate warnings, totaling nearly 6 million people. Mayor Ralph Brown says, “The snow has come down very quickly, very wet, and very heavily.”

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Don’t worry anymore if you need to know about a particular place’s climate, temperature, or anything regarding that. Just go to the official website of Visual Crossing and have the information you need.