How to view usage details of your account

To analyze and manage your API usage it can be helpful to have a quick and basic overview of the usage.

1. Open the Visual Crossing Weather Data Services page.

2. Log in to your account using the email account associated with the subscription you would like to cancel.

3. Hit the ‘Account’ button

4. Your account details will be displayed.

5. In the ‘Usage’ section hit the ‘Details’ link.

6. The details page will show the following information:

  • Number of queries run and the associated cost for the day.
  • The available free credits (if there are any)
  • .

  • Charges of the running invoicing period
  • .

  • Daily usage (number of queries and cost) of the running month or recent history in case of annual
  • contracts.

    If you have any questions or problems

    If you have any questions or problems cancelling your subscription as described above, please email Make sure to include the email address associated with the account, and we’ll be glad to help you resolve the issue.

    When contacting us for cancellation-related issues, please allow three business days before the end of your current subscription period to avoid undesired charges.