How will the winter temperature and higher energy costs affect your heating bill?

This dashboard will be constantly updated with the latest data, so bookmark it and watch as the winter season unfolds!

This calculator shows how winter temperatures and rising energy costs affect heating energy usage and costs around the world. The calculator uses weather data from the Visual Crossing Weather API to calculate the heading needs of typical home within the region selected. The calculations are based on the use of Heating Degree Days, a common measure of the heating needs of a building. The calculator then uses these heating results to calculate how much energy is required and at what cost based on energy prices for the country or region. Try it by entering your own address or click on any of the major cities shown at the top.

The data is sourced from various sources including users such as you who have kindly entered their own energy model based on their heating bill. We would love for you to help us improve this dashboard by you doing the same.

Note that the data and assumptions used in this dashboard may not be applicable to every specific location or household situation. Your own experience may differ from the estimates that you see here, and that is expected. However, if you see something more serious amiss, please report it to our support team at Due to the volume of requests, you may not receive a personal response, but we will look into all bug reports submitted.

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