Weather API for Databases, Coding & Data Science

Weather Data Services providing historical weather data & 15-day weather forecasts  

Need a Dark Sky API Replacement?

The Dark Sky API has been closed to new users and will be ending soon.

How we can help move from Dark Sky

Our Weather API provides historical weather data and 15-day worldwide weather forecasts to power apps, scripts, and data science. We provide the lowest cost, best weather data in the industry. 

Unified Weather Services

Unified Weather API for accessing both forecast and historical weather data

Dozens of metrics

Dozens of weather metrics provide wide range of weather data

Multiple locations

Retrieve more than one location in our api requests

Simple to get started

Build requests in our API query builder

Flexible output formats

Supports JSON for coding and CSV for data science integration

Built-in address lookup

We look up weather data by address without additional cost

Our Weather API is the easiest way to include weather data in your project. Based upon our Weather Data platform, Weather Data Services provides weather forecast, historical weather observations and climate data summaries.

All our weather data is available at hourly or daily summary level. 15-day forecast, historical weather data and climate summaries are included in all our API plans.

We offer a free trial plan to help get you started quickly. After that, you can continue on the free plan or consider upgrading to one of our paid plans. There is no obligation and you can switch plans as your needs change.


Weather API for JavaScript and web development

JavaScript and web development

Our Weather APIs are simple RESTful requests that are easy to use within your code on the client or server. The APIs can be used with JavaScript libraries including JavaScript, D3 and jQuery to incorporate weather data into your application.

All traffic to the Weather API uses secure HTTPS encryption. In addition, all our requests fully support CORS making the development process straightforward. The queries are also secured by unique API key so you can accurately track your usage.

Historical Weather Data for Java, Python, Perl

Java, Python, Perl

The Weather APIs can be easily integrated into all programming languages such as Java, Python and Perl.

The APIs include weather history records, weather forecast information and climate statistics. The climate statistics provide aggregated analysis on past weather data.

Results are available in common data formats including JSON and CSV. Integrating the data into your application is straightforward.

Weather Data for Data Science

Loading weather data into your R projects

Loading weather data into your R projects for statistical analysis has never been easier.   You can retrieve the weather information using our Weather Query Builder  or via the Weather API.    

The results of your weather query can then be loaded directly into your R project.   Once the data is loaded you can then use R to calculate weather statistics. You can also join the weather data with other business data.   Watch our short video showing how to instantly load a year’s worth of weather data and visualize it in RStudio.

Microsoft Excel

Importing weather data into Microsoft Excel is simple with Excel Weather Data

  Directly load weather conditions from any API query, or create a data file to save and share.   You can get started immediately by building queries in our Weather Query Builder.  Then export the results as a CSV file or create a real-time data feed by linking the query into Excel.

Loading weather data into your Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence Systems

Add value to your business intelligence system by using weather data to find correlations in your business data.   You can import weather data directly into your BI platform. We also offer BI plug-ins to access and analyze our cloud-based weather database directly. 

We support SAP, Power BI or any other leading BI tool. Weather data brings new value to your analysts and adds insight to your existing data.

Get started with our Weather Query Builder page

Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows the direct import of weather data from any Weather API query or via a CSV data file.   Once imported you can use the weather data in any type of business or academic analysis.

 Using the power of Google Sheets, you can then share your analysis with colleagues and friends. You can even collaborate on the analysis together in real-time.  Our example videos show how to construct the query in our Query Builder page. You can then import the results into a live Google Sheet for further analysis.

Get started with our Weather Query Builder page


Weather Data for Databases - Data Loading, Live Updates, Enterprise Access

Data Loading, Live Updates, Enterprise Access

Adding weather data to your database empowers users to make more intelligent use of your business data. 

The Visual Crossing Weather API offers several export and import modes to make loading weather data a snap.   Dynamic queries and load scripts can adjust automatically to changing dates and business requirements including live updates.   Once weather data is loaded, all users within an enterprise can correlate weather and business data.  

Get started quickly with tutorials and videos.