Weather API with historical weather and 15-day forecast data

The best Weather API to power code, apps, scripts, and data science.

The Best Realtime Weather Data in One API

16-day Global Forecast

Long-range, worldwide coverage in every plan.

  • Hourly and daily details
  • Available for every location and city worldwide
  • Forecast available in CSV, JSON, & OData
  • Uses leading national and international weather models

Historical Weather Data

Powered by our worldwide weather history database

  • Sub-hourly, Hourly and daily details
  • Available for every location and city worldwide
  • Included in every plan - even our free plan
  • Weather history available in CSV, JSON, & OData

Statistical Weather Summaries

Get weather data summarized by month, year, and more

  • Flexible summary parameters
  • Years of data compiled into simple summaries
  • Draw directly from our global weather database
  • Quickly find patterns and changing conditions

The Perfect Dark Sky API Alternative

Weather API for JavaScript and web development

Start for free then pay just $0.0001/result. Let us help you migrate your Dark Sky application to a robust, long-term API before Dark Sky shuts down.

  • Current weather conditions
  • Hourly and daily forecasts 16 days
  • Hourly and daily historical observations going back decades
  • Severe weather alerts in supported regions

Key Features of our Weather Data API

Our APIs are designed to be easy to use. Get started quickly with these easy to use features:

Built in address lookup

Full support for any location search directly within the API

  • Look up weather data by address
  • Look up weather data by Zip Code
  • Look up weather data by city
  • Look up weather data by latitude & longitude


All our requests are secure

  • HTTPS support
  • CORS support for flexible integration
  • Available in all plans

Multiple location support

Our APIs support multiple location weather look ups in single queries.

  • Easily integrate data into data science
  • Submit existing table of data for joining.

Coders & Data Scientists

JavaScript, Mobile Apps & Web Development

Weather API for JavaScript and web development

Visual Crossing Weather API requests are RESTful calls that you can make easily from both client and server. You can incorporate weather data into your application, website or weather app in a matter of minutes. Simply follow our tutorials and sample code.

  • Easy integration with JavaScript, D3 & jQuery
  • HTTPS encryption for security and compliance
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS ) for secure cross-domain requests
  • Secure API Key for account protection & tracking
  • Compatible for both client and server usage
  • Enable weather in your application in minutes

Code in Java, Python, Perl & more

Historical Weather Data for Java, Python, Perl

RESTful APIs are ideal for integration in all programming languages including Java, .NET, Python & Perl. Access the entire Visual Crossing Weather database including weather history data, weather forecasts, real time conditions to power any application.

Results are available in common data formats including JSON and CSV. Integrating the data into your application is straightforward.

  • Full access to historical weather, forecasts, and climate statistics
  • Data formats include JSON and CSV
  • Support for multiple locations and dates in a single request
  • Documentation and samples available

Weather Data for Data Science

Loading weather data into your R projects

R has become an essential environment for statistical computing and data science. It is widely used among analysts and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis including weather. Visual Crossing API can be used to load data into your R code quickly and easily.

  • Load weather information with a single call
  • Use R to calculate statistics, do analysis & make graphics
  • Build queries using the Query Builder page or in your code
  • Join weather data with other business data
  • Videos and tutorials show the process step-by-step

Microsoft Excel

Excel is used by corporate analysts and home users alike because it is powerful, intuitive. It provides a simple weather analysis platform business and for students and data hobbyists. Our unique CSV output mode allows the results of weather queries to be consumed directly in any Excel workbook.

  • Load weather query results directly via an API URL
  • Save and share your weather analysis
  • Make and test queries using our Weather Query Builder
  • Automatically update weather conditions via live queries within Excel
  • Sample workbooks available to use directly and build upon

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an interactive business intelligence tool designed to be simple enough for end users create their own analyses while being powerful enough for business-wide use. Weather data fits naturally into this analysis framework, and Visual Crossing Weather makes the integration easy. Our API query URLs can return CSV results that import directly into any Power BI report or dashboard.

  • Find valuable correlations between any data and weather
  • Load weather data directly from our cloud-based servers
  • Save and share weather reports and dashboard across your team
  • Samples get you up and running quickly

Business Intelligence Platforms

Loading weather data into your Business Intelligence System

High-end BI platforms represent the backbone of data analysis within many large and mid-sized companies. These powerful tools can crunch decades of business and external data to find patterns and make recommendations. Visual Crossing Weather can be easily embedded directly into every BI application.

  • Find valuable correlations between your business data and weather
  • ETL scripts, plug-ins, and sample dashboards available
  • Import weather data into your corporate warehouse
  • Get added value from your existing BI investment

Google Sheets

Google Sheets has become the most universally accessible data analysis application due to the global reach of its web-based platform. That same web platform powers instant data sharing in schools, companies, and around the world. Visual Crossing Weather data can be integrated easily into any Google Sheet application using a single API call.

  • Directly load history and forecast weather data into any Sheet
  • Update live weather results directly in Google Sheets
  • Share weather data analysis instantly
  • Ideal for academic and education users


Data Loading, Live Updates, Enterprise Access

Weather Data for Databases - Data Loading, Live Updates, Enterprise Access

An enterprise data warehouse is the heart of data science for nearly every large and mid-sized corporation. The power to store vast amounts of business data enable analysts across an organization make intelligent business decisions. Visual Crossing Weather allows historical weather data to be matched directly to existing business records.

Many business activities are affected by weather. Adding Visual Crossing data to an enterprise data warehouse bring immediate inside and ROI.

  • Easily load weather data using ETL and embedded queries
  • Dynamic queries load fresh weather data automatically
  • Compatible with application across the enterprise
  • Every part of the organization can find new insight

Weather API Documentation

We have rich documentation to help you get started and give you ideas on how to use weather in your application.