How to add weather data to a Node.js app using a Weather API and JavaScript

In this article we are going to create a simple web app that displays weather data using the Visual Crossing Timeline Weather API. The output will be a simple HTML page that displays daily and hourly weather history data or weather forecast data (or even beyond) in a table. To download the source code for …

How to create a Raspberry PI frost alert using a weather api

In this tutorial we will create a simple frost alert using a Raspberry PI and the Visual Crossing Timeline Weather API. The aim of the simple circuit is to use colored LED lights to inform the user if frost or low temperatures are expected. A red light indicates below freezing temperatures are expected, yellow light …

Comparing the Visual Crossing Pricing Options to Dark Sky

As you already know, Dark Sky has announced that it is ending its popular weather query API service soon. We’ve already written multiple articles explaining the benefits and details of converting your app or webpage to the Visual Crossing Weather API. In this article, we will compare the pricing models of the two services. Specifically, …

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 3

How to make intelligent decisions using BI and weather forecasts

Now, armed with the insights that we found in part two, we are ready to apply those insights using weather forecasts. As we did when analyzing our historical business records using weather history, we will use the high-quality weather data service that we identified in part one of this article series. Then, we will join this data with our business locations. Only this time, instead of finding existing patterns we will apply the patterns discovered to make more intelligent decisions.

How to load weather data into Information Builders ibi WebFOCUS using the REST API

This article shows the necessary steps to quickly and easily load weather forecast data for any location of the world into the cloud solution ‘Information Builders ibi WebFOCUS’ for further analysis.  The tutorial shows step-by-step how to construct the query in the Visual Crossing Weather web interface, how to access the automatically generated connection string …

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 2

How to analyze business data using historical weather records

In this article we will continue where part one stopped. Once high-quality, BI-friendly weather data has been found, we next need to understand how it can be used to analysis historical business data, Most business intelligence systems have a warehouse containing years of business records including locations and dates. This article will show how to match those records to weather data and identify useful patterns and trends.

Using Weather Data in Business Intelligence – Part 1

How to find weather data that works well with business intelligence analysis

In this series of three articles we will first discuss how to find weather data that is compatible with both your existing business data and your existing business intelligence systems. Then, in part two we will discuss strategies to analyze historical weather data in conjunction with your BI tools and with your data. Finally, part three will discuss how to apply the insights learned from the historical analysis to make more intelligent decisions using business patterns and weather forecast data.

How to load historical weather data into any database

Many business intelligence, data science, and academic research projects need high quality historical weather data to be available in a database. Weather data is typically quite large in volume, and its analysis often requires processing thousands or even millions of detailed records in order to find valuable patterns and apply them to the task at …