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What to expect in the new Visual Crossing Maps release for SAP and SAP Lumira

Visual Crossing supports SAP Lumira 2 and SAP Design Studio

This week we will be releasing a major update for the Visual Crossing platform for SAP. Here are the main features we have added to expand the depth of the SAP integration and added major features for cloud based users.

In addition to the many map visualization and geospatial analysis features that have been added to the Visual Crossing platform since the last SAP release, there are two major areas of enhancement:

  • Expanded SAP product integration and support
  • Fully functionality in our cloud

Expanded SAP product integration and support

We have expanded our SAP product integrations to include SAP Lumira Discovery and SAP Lumira Designer in addition to the existing support for preview SAP BusinessObjects Lumira versions and SAP Design Studio. This means users of all the major SAP Busines Intelligence products (BI) will now be able to include Visual Crossing functionality directly inside the desktop, web and mobile products.

Fully read-write functionality in our cloud

Users of on-premise versions of Visual Crossing had long had extraordinary capabilities for data management, address geocoding and use of custom geographic files like shape files and geojson. Now users of the Visual Crossing cloud environment will also get these features as we role them out over the next few months. This gives users unsurpassed geographic visualization and geospatial analysis capabilities without the need for any local installation or complex set up. If you are user of our Microsoft Excel client integrations then these shared cloud features will be coming to you soon.

Watch this space for addtional information

As we release this week, we will be sharing more information on some of the many additional features that Visual Crossing brings to SAP. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive those updates as we make them.