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Five key features of the new Visual Crossing Maps for SAP

Visual Crossing supports SAP Lumira Discovery, Designer and SAP Design Studio

We've deployed the latest cloud version of Visual Crossing Maps for SAP. This release is focused on enabling a variety of exciting features for all our cloud based customers in addition to making the maps even easier to use. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Region and territory creation

Nearly all business mapping includes the requirement to show maps of geographical boundaries that are specific to the user's business or operation. For example, sales organizations have sales district and territory boundaries. Creation of these custom regions has been a core feature of Visual Crossing Maps for 15 years. Custom regions are quickly made by supplying the map with data that defines the grouping of the regions based on a child geometry that is easily available. An excellent example is sales districts that are created from a group of zip or postal codes. In addition, regions can be made from points as well.

2. Upload your own geographies

If you already have a file that contains the boundaries of the data you need to show in a standard format such as a shape file or GeoJSON, you may now upload it to your own sandbox on the cloud.

3. Improved usability and assistance

Over the past year we've been listening to users of Visual Crossing on how we can help users get started with making maps even more quickly. We've incorporated lots of the feedback into this release including new helper video snippets, contextual help and improved usability. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

4. Extended team sharing and collaboration

One of the key features of our cloud environment is the easy by which you can collaborate with your team members. We've now made that even easier with new team sharing capabilities - including the ability to have different roles for different users so not everyone needs to see more advanced functionality.

5. Improved selection analytics

One of the great features of Visual Crossing is that it's not just a simple map visualization tool but a true analytical extension for your SAP Analytics tools. We've expanded the quick analytics available on selections to allow the user to immediately understand the details of a selection and how it compares to other similar selections. This allows users to find patterns and answer important questions that aren't visible in the map - "Why does this store perform better than another?", "What would be the impact of this tornado or hurrican if it were to occur in this location?", "What demographic profile is found in my the patients coming to my hospital?"

Let us know how you like the update and anything you’d like to see

We've also fixed and resolved numerous customer reported issues and incorporated the latest round of performance improvements. As always, we are keen to incorporate as much as your feedback as possible so please let us know if there are more features you'd like to see or how you like the new update!