Visual Crossing offers the full support to help you succeed with your Visual Crossing roll out. In addition to a comprehensive support package, we also offer outstanding consulting services.

Using our consultants
Visual Crossing Services offers a wide range of services to meet the all the needs of your mapping projects. Our experienced consultants offer the unique combination of both spatial and business intelligence expertise. Indeed, some of our staff have been members of BI technology teams and involved in the actual implementation of BI products. Similarly, some have been involved in the implementation of the Visual Crossing products. So your project cannot get too involved, too technical, or too complex for our experts. In addition, our staff includes some of the most experienced web engineers anywhere. So whether your need is for a simple map integration or a complex enterprise mapping deployment, we are the best source for all your needs. Our services can be roughly divided into three categories – Deployment Services, Integration Services, and Customization Services. However, these should not be seen as mutually exclusive offerings but rather as guides for discussion. We realize that every need is different, so please contact us and let us know what your project requires. We will be happy to work with you to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and ensure your success.

Deployment Services
Although Visual Crossing products can be easily deployed by your in-house administrators, it is often valuable to have an expert on-site to help you configure the system and assist in configuring the system for optimum performance and scalability. Typically these engagements put our consultant on-site with your staff for three to five days. Our consultant will help your staff configure our products to work with your data within your environment. You will learn to use Spatial Architect to analyze and geocode your business intelligence data, be assisted in web GUI integration, and guided through your first map creations to ensure a solid knowledge transfer to your deployment staff. Depending upon the desired scope of the engagement, the culmination can be a presentation to management, a presentation to end-users, or simply a live deployment.

Integration Services
Visual Crossing 4 offers a complete JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used to integrate and customize the products in virtually limitless ways. While this can be done by your in-house staff or other consulting organizations, Visual Crossing Consulting Services is an natural choice to do the job most efficiently and right the first time. We can leverage our vast experience with our products to accomplish the integration more efficiently than anyone else. The time required for this type of service depends upon the complexity of the job. The power of our APIs allow simple integrations to be accomplished on your site or ours in as little as a day. Complex customizations obviously require more time and expertise. Sometimes these complex implementations are best accomplished on our site where we can have all the tools ready to be as productive as possible. Other times working on your site makes more sense. We’ll be glad to work with you to help scope, plan, and realize your requirements. Let our experts show to you how affordable and attainable your plans can be.

Customization Services
While our products include a complete Software Development Kit that can be leveraged to solve many needs, there are times when only product-level customizations will solve a particular need. When you have this case, let our engineers adapt our products to meet your custom requirements. Our engineers have many years of experience in spatial systems as well as business intelligence and web technologies. So, it makes sense that if you have an application where our products can fit a portion of your needs but require some enhancements or alterations to solve your problem completely, you should talk to us. Since we are starting with proven production technologies, we can leverage our unique expertise to make your implementation low risk and your vision a reality.