Visual Crossing Mobile is based upon a flexible and rich architecture that is built upon a single codebase for both Web, Mobile and Server generated maps. All of the advanced features available on Web are also available on Mobile.

The mobile client has the ability to operate in both off-line and online modes. When connected to a network it can take full advantage of the Visual Crossing Spatial Server. While in off-line mode it can use cached data and client-side logic to power fully disconnected analysis. The Visual Crossing Mobile client offers far more than a traditional dashboard map control by providing a level of analysis not previously seen on a mobile device.

Visual Crossing’s BI Integrated Mobile Widget was designed to work within your BI dashboard system. The integration is seamless and is deployed as a single system. Simply drop the Mobile Widget into your dashboards, and you are ready to produce maps in your mobile dashboards. The client plug-in architecture allows for delivery of the widget through a mobile browser or directly embedded into a mobile app.

Visual Crossing Mobile and its rich caching capability has also allows users to do their analysis off-line. If your device is not 4G enabled or if you are just temporarily out of signal range, our client-side GIS engine kicks in to provide the power that you need whenever and wherever you need it. Geographic and business data is cached on the device when possible to ensure a smooth transition from full, live data connection to allow analysis entirely within the mobile device itself.

In addition to map displays, the client functionality is quite expansive comparable to that found in advanced web-based mapping system. Users can isolate locations for distance analysis, complete advanced filtering and do various varieties of selection analysis as well. Location Analytics Tools, Heatmaps, Voronoi, Clustering, Animations and buffered selections are all available on your Visual Crossing enabled mobile device. You can make your iPad an invaluable field device for loading, filtering, isolating and routing to customers, prospects and business locations without having to leave your business app.

Enterprise Features
Maps are an invaluable tool for enabling your mobile field force with just-in-time data about customers as well as valuable real-time tasks such as creating a routing plan to visit them. Delivering big data to mobile devices has always proven to be challenging and adding geographic point and polygon data to your solution makes it even more challenging. With Visual Crossing our client-server, cache-based architecture takes care of this for you. Some of the key features include:

  • A metadata that centrally manages shared map objects (such as layers and map definitions) allowing users to collaborate and share maps and formatting across both Web and Mobile platforms.
  • Ability to produce geographically generalized data for a lightweight, fast delivery to mobile clients.
  • A client side Layer Server to handle retrieving spatial data from mapping servers such as Google, Bing, ESRI, and WMS.
  • Multi-level caching system to provide optimal response time for large datasets (hundreds of thousands of points or polygons) and enterprise-level throughput.
  • Support for various client map services to keep consistency across devices or optimize for your device.