Spatial Server

Visual Crossing Spatial Server is the heart of the Visual Crossing platform providing the scalable, high performance server for handling the visualization generation and analysis tasks.

  • J2EE-based server ensures high performance and scalability
  • Supports Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • 100% web based design and viewing of maps
  • Cloud host available

For true web-based business intelligence visualization analysis, the entire life cycle needs to be web based. This means that not only the viewing of the map or other visualization needs to be available via browser, but also the map design and map interaction needs to web-based as well. Disparate interfaces for map design and map viewing create a system that is not optimized for the web environment and will never fully realize the scalability and web experience goals.

Spatial Server fully embraces the potential of a web based analysis solution by exposing the viewing and analysis of visualizations as well as the design through light, web based interface requiring no client downloads

Finally, to be able to configure the Spatial system to perform most optimally, the flexible Spatial Server options may be configured via the Spatial Architect tool, ensuring that the complete Spatial system is high performance and highly scalable.

The Spatial Server is designed to conform to the J2EE architecture. This provides an industrial-strength platform that is able to run on the platform of your choice including Microsoft Windows, Linux or a UNIX based operating system. The J2EE architecture also ensures that the map generation process is fully asynchronous and clusterable.