Scalable, secure solution that you can manage from your desktop.
No Additional IT Infrastructure.

Powerful GIS Analytics in 3 Easy Steps…

  1. Install the Visual Crossing Cloud Package
  2. Copy the Map Plugin to your BI Web Server
  3. Run Spatial Tool Suite to geocode your data

Visual Crossing was designed to work with both On-premise and Cloud architectures of varying levels of online components: View the Visual Crossing IT Component Diagram.

What’s Include:

  • Visual Crossing Spatial Server hosted in a high-performance, high-redundancy cloud environment.
  • Visual Crossing Metadata hosted on a high-availability, high-durability, replicated storage system. This storage is independent of the Spatial Server environment and can be accessed from multiple Spatial Servers and multiple locations for redundancy, fail-over, and backup.
  • Initial hardware and software setup and configuration included.
  • Fully secure data transfer via HTTPS and SSL.
  • Secure tools package allows metadata population and geocoding without exposing remote access to in-house MicroStrategy Intelligence Server or warehouse data.
  • On-going management of cloud-based hardware and software infrastructure included.
  • Virtually unlimited scalability for CPU capacity, memory, and MD storage.
  • Customer-coordinated upgrades as necessary to support MicroStrategy software upgrades.
  • Customer-Coordinated upgrades to new Visual Crossing versions.
  • Customer-Coordinated hotfix and patch installations as recommended by Visual Crossing technical support.
  • Monthly infrastructure reviews upon customer request.
  • Visual Crossing metadata backup available upon request for hands-on archiving or storage.
  • Existing Visual Crossing customers: Receive a free one-day, on-line services package to migrate your existing Visual Crossing metadata and system into the cloud service environment. At the end of this engagement, your current Visual Crossing project will be fully operational in the cloud environment.