Look up global historical weather data

Historical Weather Data

Look up past weather reports for any date and location

Global forecasts from sources including NOAA, NWS, DWD, and more

Weather Forecasts

Global forecasts from sources including NOAA, NWS, DWD, and more

Temperature, rainfall, and more

Temperature & Rainfall History

Weather metrics also include wind, rainfall coverage, and visibility

North American and European Weather Forecast for the upcoming week

Excel, CSV, & Weather API

Microsoft Excel add-in, CSV download, and Weather API

Past Weather Data for Excel, CSV & Web Services API

Getting clean, consistent, and accurate historical weather data has long been difficult for home and small business data analysts. Until now, the only options have been slow and frustrating (one-at-a-time web pages and screen scraping) or expensive (thousands of dollars per year or even per month).

Visual Crossing Weather was designed to get you the past weather records and forecast data that you need inside every application.

  • Add-in for Microsoft Excel joins existing workbook data with matching weather
  • CSV export allows import into virtually any analysis tool
  • Weather Data API for script writers and developers

Find the weather for any hour or date at any location

Available weather metrics include:

  • Temperature – Including maximum, minimum, and average
  • Precipitation – Including Precipitation Coverage
  • Wind Speed – Including averages and gust data
  • Weather type – what was the weather like?