Historical Analysis

Join and Correlate your data against decades of weather history

Live Forecast

Create predictive scoring metrics to forecast business impact from weather events

Dashboard Integrated

Dashboard-ready visualizations to analyze weather-correlated data and graphs

Weather Join Engine

Enhance your existing datasets and dashboards with weather metrics and live forecasts

Customer Behavior

Understand and plan how weather affects your customers

Severe Weather Alerts

Identify storm threats that will impact your business locations

Supply Chain Risk

Track weather impact on your supply lines and warehouses

Employee Impact

Prepare for staffing demands and changes driven by weather

Marketing Opportunities

Target your marketing based on weather forecasts and customers needs

Inventory management

Optimize your inventory to meet customer needs based on forecasts

Comprehensive weather analysis for your business

Create custom weather scores for every single location to discover how they will be affected by forecasted weather

Visual Crossing, the premier MicroStrategy mapping provider for over 15 years, is proud to unveil Weather Analytics.

Deliver the power of weather and climate analysis to your business intelligence analysts. Score your business data against historical weather patterns and use predictive analytics to respond to forecasted weather events.

The high-scalability weather engine calculates custom weather scores based on the correlation between weather events and your historical business metrics. Weather trends and climate changes can be seen visually and used directly within your existing analyses. This enables you to optimize your business operations for upcoming weather conditions and mitigate severe weather threats.

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Key benefits

Historical Analysis

Correlate your business results with historical weather records to uncover localized patterns of how weather affects your business.

Predictive Scoring Metrics

Our weather analysis engine processes millions of variables and decades of data to build custom weather metrics and design a weather score specific to each of your business locations.

Live Forecast Analysis

Use your personalized predictive scoring metrics to forecast business impact and improve response time to weather events.

High-Performance Weather Join Engine

Quickly join years of business metrics to decades of historical weather data to find hour-by-hour patterns and correlations that are actionable for your business planning.

Dashboard-Ready Weather Data

Utilize joined and correlated weather data in any business intelligence application or presentation.

Integrated Dashboard Plug-in

Drop the visualization widget into any dashboard to analyze and present weather-correlated metrics using custom controls.