SAP Lumira

Visual Crossing’s new version 4 platform is available now for SAP Lumira. Whether you are using it for a single desktop installation or through a team server, our mapping engine can provide you with the fastest and most scalable mapping platform for SAP.


Geocoding and Region Creation
How will you geocode and create your custom regions for you. Only Visual Crossing has the automated capability to do both. This will save you potentially weeks of time and effort every time your data changes. Other vendors will say “we have a tool for that” but it requires additional purchase, advanced knowledge and a great deal of time to configure and create the custom regions manually. Visual Crossing can aggregate and create your regions from your data.

Selections and Analysis
Maps are not truly useful unless you can learn something about your data. The Visual Crossing extension for Lumira is the only solution that allows you to make advanced selections and aggregate the data for comparison. It is also the only solution that empowers users to do multi-site location analysis. Our location tools allow users to understand where their data is, where it should be and compare across locations to understand the effective reach and performance of any location.

The ability to animate data requires both scalability as well as advanced understanding of the platform you are working on. The Visual Crossing extension will auto-detect an attribute that will repeat geographic data and automatically allow your users to show their data as an animation over time. Users can animate sales activity over time and watch a live map update to identify geographic trends. Sales, Campaign Response, Asset Tracking and Twitter activity are among the many uses for animated maps.

Visual Crossing has dedicated itself to the fastest possible performance architecture. Where current solutions can only render one or two small regions of postal codes in 10-20 seconds, Visual Crossing can render 30,000 postal code polygons and hundreds of thousands of points in a few seconds. The best part is that our data is live and interactive, not just a pretty picture. With Visual Crossing we are dedicated to solving your enterprise level scenarios whether through scalability or through advanced visualizations.

Most customers do not want to send their data requests to an online service or would prefer the option to keep all of their data securely on-premise. Most Lumira map integrations require that your data get sent to the remote server to download the matching geographic data. With Visual Crossing you have the option to fully secure your map installation on-premise. We do not require a web service from Google/Bing/ESRI server for our functionality.

Enterprise Features
Mapping on Lumira has attracted lightweight mapping solutions that are often just a picture of your data. Most are limited in giving you the ability load in large amounts of data or data from external sources. Other solutions lack the ability to centralize and share your maps with others. Some of our key enterprise features include:

  • A Metadata that centrally manages shared map objects (such as layers and map definitions) allowing users to collaborate and share maps and formatting across both Web and Mobile platforms. The centrally managed metadata ensures user efficiency as well as guaranteeing a consistency of data analysis across the enterprise.
  • Tools to produce geographically generalized data for a lightweight, fast delivery to mobile clients.
  • Client and Server Layer Servers to handle retrieving spatial data from mapping servers such as Google, Bing, ESRI, and WMS.
  • Strong client-side architecture which allows users to fully encapsulate their solution in Lumira desktop or optionally switch to server mode to share data.
  • Multi-level caching system to provide optimal response time for large datasets (hundreds of thousands of points or polygons) and enterprise-level throughput.