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Announcing the Weather Data Academic & Research Program

Announcing the Weather Data Academic & Research Program

Timely, accurate and complete weather data is vital across many disciplines - business analysis, emergency planning, personal investigation and many more. None may be more important than using weather data in academic research and investigations.

To help students, academics and non-profit researchers, we are pleased to announce our Weather Data Academic & Research Program designed exactly for researchers.

Key benefits of the program

The Weather Data Academic & Research Program offers a number of benefits:

  • Free single user license to our Weather Data Pro Edition for six months. This permits downloading of historical, forecast and summary weather data.
  • Email and web site support to discuss requirements and ask questions
  • For select researchers, extended data limits in addition to the limits of the Pro Edition plans.
  • Publish or link to final research results on

What do we want in return?

We are as excited about people using the weather data as we hope you are. We are keen to hear about success stories and any areas where we can improve our offerings to make them more useful to our clients. We will reach out to you during your license term to discuss how things are progressing and if there is anything we can do to help.

Once your research is complete, we would ask that you include Visual Crossing Weather Data as a citation (if published online, please include a link to We would also love to include a link to your work on our web site. Finally, if you think others will benefit from the use of the Visual Crossing Weather Data products, please tell them about us on social media, your blogs etc.

Finally, we may publish the names of organizations that have enrolled in the program.

How to qualify

We are very flexible on qualification. The plan offers programs for all grades of school, university and non-profit organizations. All we need is a little bit of information on how you are going to use the product and we also request that you give us feedback on the product works for you.

How to enroll

To request a license under the Academic & Research program, please contact us at . Please provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email (if you have an educational email address, please use that email address)
  • School or institution name and department
  • Project description
  • Description of how weather data will be used
  • If possible, please provide us with feedback for us that could help to streamline your weather data usage

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