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Announcing Visual Crossing Location Analysis

Announcing Visual Crossing Location Analysis, the powerful, new way to use demographics and spatial analysis to optimize your business locations.

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The Location Analysis tool adds value to your business analysis and planning by comparing existing locations, competitive locations, and prospective locations using geographic and demographic algorithms. When existing locations are analyzed, Location Analysis will find and show areas of cannibalization and conflict between locations. When competitive locations are added, the tool gives a picture of the competitive landscape from a customer’s point of view. It can help show how customers make the decision to visit a certain location over others based on distance, attraction, and density. When business expansion is planned, Visual Crossing Location Analysis uses demographics and spatial analysis to find areas of valuable customer density and compare proposed new business locations.

Key features

  • Optimize placement of new locations
  • Understand your competitive landscape to out-compete your competitors
  • Target marketing toward your ideal demographic
  • Analyze areas of business cannibalization and conflict
  • Model how location attractiveness can improve you results
  • Tightly integrated user experience in Microsoft Excel or any web browser

Use Microsoft Excel or your existing web browser

Visual Crossing Location Analysis offers a tightly integrated experience for Microsoft Excel users and can also be utilized directly from within any web browser. In Excel, existing location data can be read directly from Excel sheets and analysis results can be exported into additional workbook sheets for further analysis and sharing. The web browser-based interface can be accessed from any internet connection including on a mobile device.

Get started with a free evaluation

A free evaluation of Visual Crossing Location Analysis is available for both Microsoft Excel users and web-based users. A quick-start tutorial along with sample data demonstrates how the tool makes sophisticated location analysis available to everyone regardless of prior spatial experience or technical background. Visual Crossing Location Analysis harnesses this capability previously only accessible to large enterprises and makes it available to budget-conscious organizations as well as casual users.

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