Sophisticated and Easy-To-Use Mapping in Excel

Visual Crossing Maps for Excel

Getting started right now with our easy-to-follow video and tutorial.

Visual Crossing for Excel offers easy to use ways to show your data as a map.Visual Crossing Maps for Excel offer sophisticated analysisVisual Crossing Maps for Excel rich visualizations allow users to easily comprehend large geographic datasetsVisual Crossing Maps for Excel offers unsurpassed data scalability and performance


Visual Crossing’s new version 4 platform is available now for Microsoft Excel.  It was designed both for simple mapping tasks as well as highly scalable and sophisticated multi-layer mapping.  It is the only complete, easy-to-use mapping solution available for Excel.  With powerful, interactive maps you can achieve new insight from your existing workbooks all from within the Excel interface that you already know.  Quickly create presentation quality maps and analyze large geospatial datasets using our proven analytics and advanced visualizations. Getting started right now with our easy-to-follow video and tutorial.

Easy to Use:  Create presentation-quality maps of your favorite spreadsheets using our automated configuration tools to easily match your geographic columns to map objects.  Create multi-layer maps, custom text labels, and colored map themes for your point or polygon data. 

Visualizations and Analysis:  Analyze your existing data as a map without time-consuming, expensive mapping tools.   Create heatmap, hotspot, cluster and Voronoi visualizations with just a few clicks.  Utilize our advance selection tool to analyze and compare multiple geographic areas at the same time. 

Scalable:  Visual Crossing provides high performance and the ability to show an entire spreadsheet-worth of data on a single map.  Visualize hundreds of thousands of entities & full postal code polygon maps in seconds. 


Additional Features

  • One-Touch Formatting and Visualizations – See your data in many interactive visualizations simply by selecting heatmaps, hotspots, pie charts, Voronoi partitions, point clusters or dozens of point styles.
  • Macro-based Label Editor – Create rich text labels with embedded values and attribute data.  Popups and Embedded labels allow for easy analysis of any map entity.
  • Printing – Print your map directly from within Excel in the same way that you are accustomed to printing today.
  • Value-based Thematic Sequences – Automatically or Manually distribute your data to be optimally viewed and analyzed.  Page by all of your values to quickly change the map view.
  • Integrated Search Function – Search for anything on your map simply by typing in the search bar.   Find addresses, your own geographic data, points of interest, and more.
  • Multi-layer Maps – Layer multiple geographic columns onto a single map view.   Layer your stores and customers on top of Postal Codes, States, Counties, Countries and more.
  • Advanced Selections – Select, analyze, aggregate and compare areas of your geographic data with polygon, distance radius, and line buffer tools.