Visual Crossing 4

Architected for performance & usability.

Introducing Visual Crossing 4
  • Big Data Analysis Made Easy
  • Simple Yet Powerful UI
  • Game-changing Business Analytics

Mapping Big Data

Analyze your entire enterprise
from any device

  • Visualize Hundreds of Millions of Transactions
  • Interact with Millions of Locations
  • Combine Multiple Sources of Data
  • Connect to Big Data Systems
  • Cloud or Enterprise Configuration
  • Vector Tiling Engine
  • Collaborative Rendering Architecture

Powerfully Simple UI

End users can easily leverage
powerful analytics to gain
business insight

  • One-Touch Formatting & Analytics
  • Unlimited Map Layering
  • Fast Map Rendering
  • Consistent Web & Mobile Interfaces
  • Rich Formatting on Web & Mobile
  • Targeted Tools for Business Users

Location Analytics

Understand the effective
reach of your business

  • Multi-Site Performance Comparison
  • Prospecting & Conversion Analysis
  • Optimally Place Business Locations
  • Understand Customer Loyalty

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Market Analysis

Optimize budget, repeat effective
campaigns & target your customers

  • Market Demographic Correlations
  • Animate Campaign Results
  • Twitter Tracking
  • Time & Location Marketing

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Sophisticated Excel Add-In

  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Multiple Layer Analysis
  • Highly Scalable
  • Advanced Selections with Analysis




Now Available for Lumira

  • Region Creation Support
  • Animation of Time Series Data
  • Multiple Layer Analysis
  • Scalable Performance Architecture
  • Advanced Selections with Analysis
  • Client & Server Map Configurations for Teams


MicroStrategy 10

We have embedded 10 years of advanced map server
technology into our MicroStrategy Plug-in

  • Full Visual Insight Support
  • Affordable New Licensing
  • Built-in Region Creation
  • Fast and Scalable Architecture


Full-Featured Mobile Maps

Informative maps for your BI mobile dashboards

  • Fully Interactive Maps
  • Scalable for Big Data
  • Consistent Platform Across All Devices
  • Standalone App or Dashboard Embedded
  • Off-line Capable

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Powerful SDK

The Visual Crossing 4 SDK is an HTML5-based platform
for developers to integrate sophisticated mapping
into existing applications and web sites.

  • JavaScript-based API
  • Pull Data From Virtually Any Source
  • Leverage our Analytics & Performance Architecture
  • Rich Formatting for Creating Any Map Experience
  • Comprehensive Samples and Documentation
  • Flexible OEM Licensing
The only easy-to-use add-in for creating presentation-quality maps with powerful geographical analysis. Learn More →     DOWNLOAD NOW → The only map extension to Lumira that has highly scalable, interactive maps that allow the user to do advanced selections, region creation, animations and location analysis. Learn More →         DOWNLOAD NOW → For over 10 years, Visual Crossing has been the gold standard for map integrations on MicroStrategy. Featuring ultra-fast rendering, Big Data scalability, advanced analytics and a powerfully simple UI. Learn More →         Download Now →

Full-featured Plugin

  • Entirely Embedded Plugin
  • Affordable Licensing
  • Ultra-Scalable & High-Performing HTML5 Map Engine
  • Automated Region Creation
  • Multiple Layer Analysis
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News & Events

Tutorials and videos for Maps for Excel: We have released new videos and tutorials for getting started with Visual Crossing Maps for Excel. These tutorials will get allow you to quickly create maps in Microsoft Excel

Visual Crossing for Excel: Visual Crossing 4 is now available as an Excel Add-In. Using your existing workbooks you can quickly create presentation quality maps and analyze large geospatial datasets using our proven analytics and advanced visualizations. Try it today!

Introducing Visual Crossing 4 for SAP BusinessObjects Lumira: The Visual Crossing 4 platform is now available as a free trial. Sign up today!

Introducing Visual Crossing 4 Embedded Server: High-end, enterprise mapping for MicroStrategy is now easier than ever. Visual Crossing 4 now includes an entirely embedded Map Server directly into MicroStrategy Web via the Visual Crossing 4 Plugin for MicroStrategy 10. Download today!

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