Visual Crossing 4

Architected for performance & usability.

Introducing Visual Crossing 4
  • Big Data Analysis Made Easy
  • Simple Yet Powerful UI
  • Game-changing Business Analytics

Mapping Big Data

Analyze your entire enterprise
from any device

  • Visualize Hundreds of Millions of Transactions
  • Interact with Millions of Locations
  • Combine Multiple Sources of Data
  • Connect to Big Data Systems
  • Cloud or Enterprise Configuration
  • Vector Tiling Engine
  • Collaborative Rendering Architecture

Powerfully Simple UI

End users can easily leverage
powerful analytics to gain
business insight

  • One-Touch Formatting & Analytics
  • Unlimited Map Layering
  • Fast Map Rendering
  • Consistent Web & Mobile Interfaces
  • Rich Formatting on Web & Mobile
  • Targeted Tools for Business Users

Location Analytics

Understand the effective
reach of your business

  • Multi-Site Performance Comparison
  • Prospecting & Conversion Analysis
  • Optimally Place Business Locations
  • Understand Customer Loyalty

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Market Analysis

Optimize budget, repeat effective
campaigns & target your customers

  • Market Demographic Correlations
  • Animate Campaign Results
  • Twitter Tracking
  • Time & Location Marketing

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Sophisticated Excel Add-In

  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Multiple Layer Analysis
  • Highly Scalable
  • Advanced Selections with Analysis




Now Available for Lumira

  • Region Creation Support
  • Animation of Time Series Data
  • Multiple Layer Analysis
  • Scalable Performance Architecture
  • Advanced Selections with Analysis
  • Client & Server Map Configurations for Teams


MicroStrategy 10

We have embedded 10 years of advanced map server
technology into our MicroStrategy Plug-in

  • Full Visual Insight Support
  • Affordable New Licensing
  • Built-in Region Creation
  • Fast and Scalable Architecture


Full-Featured Mobile Maps

Informative maps for your BI mobile dashboards

  • Fully Interactive Maps
  • Scalable for Big Data
  • Consistent Platform Across All Devices
  • Standalone App or Dashboard Embedded
  • Off-line Capable

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Powerful SDK

The Visual Crossing 4 SDK is an HTML5-based platform
for developers to integrate sophisticated mapping
into existing applications and web sites.

  • JavaScript-based API
  • Pull Data From Virtually Any Source
  • Leverage our Analytics & Performance Architecture
  • Rich Formatting for Creating Any Map Experience
  • Comprehensive Samples and Documentation
  • Flexible OEM Licensing

The only easy-to-use add-in for creating presentation-quality maps with powerful geographical analysis.

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The only map extension to Lumira that has highly scalable, interactive maps that allow the user to do advanced selections, region creation, animations and location analysis.

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For over 10 years, Visual Crossing has been the gold standard for map integrations on MicroStrategy. Featuring ultra-fast rendering, Big Data scalability, advanced analytics and a powerfully simple UI.

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